Who We Are

Green Beauties is a California Proposition 215 & SB420 compliant medical marijuana private dispensary. We are a mobile delivery network that are able to connect patients across the entire SF Bay area with high quality farm fresh medicines direct from Master growers.
Our mission is to provide safer access to patients. Safer access to medicines as well as information, events and to the wider Green Beauties community. Membership has many options including a loyalty rewards system and sometimes access to free medicines and equipment.

GreenBeauties.com is for members only. If you wish to browse our medicines, place orders or get involved in any way you must be a verifiable California resident and authorized by a legal authority or your Doctor / GP to be able to use Marijuana / Cannabis under SB420 & Proposition 215 guidelines and parameters. If you are a legally authorized ¬†patient and you reside in California or you are from out of State but your program is compliant with California 215 & SB420 partner programs, you may also apply. To become a member follow the link ‘Register’, complete and submit form and follow the instructions.